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To learn more about charitable giving opportunities at the Foundation, please contact:

Donna C. Marino, Director of Development
The Florida Bar Foundation
(407) 960-7000
Florida toll free (800) 541-2195

The Florida Bar Foundation is grateful to the following attorneys and judges who contributed to The Florida Bar Foundation through the 2010-11 Florida Bar Annual Fee Statement.

The Foundation strives to maintain an accurate listing of all our donors; if you do not see your name on this list, please contact Michelle Fonseca, Development Coordinator.
The following list represents gifts made between July 1, 2011 and January 23, 2012.

W. Edward McLeod W. Randall Bassett Wallace Hall
Wallace C. Magathan Walter Morrissey Walter F. Benenati
Walter Dartland Walton G. Bondurant Wanda Gipps
Wanda Yachnis Warren Williams Wayde Seidensticker
Wayne Starr Wayne Teigman Wayne Hall
Wendy Kozak Wendy Cousins-Savage Wendy Brewer
Wesley R. Stacknik Willem Daman William Garmany
William E. Gaylor William Dolan William Donovan
William Eble William Fabra William Langston
William Lee Hon. William C. Gridley William N. Handler
William Harrell William Hoffman William Bubsey
William R. Burdette William Cahill William Casey
William Conway William H. Davis William Dempsey
William Bentley William Berzak William Blatt
William Aaron William C. Anderson William Baker
William C. Ballard William Sherrill William M. McHugh
William Moore William Reedy William P. Reich
William L. Richey William Roy William Ruggiero
William Schifino William J. Schifino William Thomas
William L. Thompson Hon. William A. Van Nortwick William Weller
William Wetzel William Whitesell William Stewart
Willie Adams Willye Dent Windy Wickman
Hon. Winifred J. Sharp Winston Fitz-Ritson

Last updated February 8, 2012